Our Team


CEO & Founder

Lisa Evelyn is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of WPF Accounting & Taxation Services. Her company provides businesses and individuals with up to date tax and accounting reporting meeting their financial obligations. She has been working in the field for the past couple decades and is continually educating herself on the current changes of the governing bodies specializing taxation. 

Her company provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses, as well newcomers to Canada. Her clients have come from all walks of life. She can help you at any stage in your life whether you are just starting out in life or in business. She helps you prevent unforeseen circumstances and gets you in compliance with your CRA obligations. Lisa takes great pride in serving her clients.

Lisa has had a continuing partnership with Centennial College School of Business and the Centennial College Student Association Incorporated in providing the CCSAI Income Tax Clinic for the students of all four campus locations including Progress, Morningside, Astonbee and Story Arts Centre. In which the students in the School of Business – Business Accounting program participate by preparing the income tax returns of their peers, their families and college staff.